All our jewellery is nickel free and cadium free!


We use Sterling silver 925-940, mostly 930.  


The brass is a mixture of copper, zink and a bit of silver.

The copper inside make your skin a bit darker especial when you wear a ring when it´s warm. But you can easy clean it off the skin.


Pure copper make´s your skin under the ring more dark. Most people don´t care though because it´s a beautiful material. Easy to clean it off.

The copper helps reduce the pH of the body and has an alkalizing effect.


The bronze is a mixture of copper and about 12,5 % tin.

Tin is the other component that is very essential for the production of hemoglobin in the blood.

How to take care of your silver jewellery

The best thing for us is to have a silver rag to polish the silver with and if it´s very dirty in the ring, just clean with some soap and water inside with a small brush. Be very careful if it´s a plain ring without texture or pattons, then you only use the polishing cloth.

Keep your dry jeweller in small zipbags, that keeps the silver more shiny.

Don´t keep the jewelley in the bathroom their is moist air.

Brass jewellery

If the brass jewellery get dark and some spots on you can clean the piece with lemon or ketchup and then rise with some water.I also use the silver rag (cloth) to polish the brass.

Copper jewellery

We use the silver polish rag to polish if the copper look´s dirty, but to clean really bad spot´s you need copper cleaning liquids.