LUA design

All the jewellery is handmade from LUA design. Some we cast after the first handmade piece soo they look the same.

All the jewellery can have slight variation because they are handmade, also if they are setted with stones, most stones have variation in sizes, hights and color.

The sterling silver we use is in higher quality around 935-940, instead of 925. 

All the stones is in high quality, buy direct from stone dealers, some I also buy in raw quantity. Hardly ever buy in free sizes, that is cheaper. Prefer to have most of my jewellery quite equal, but to order my own sizes is more expensive though.

All the brass we mix with some silver as well, brass have copper, zink and silver in it. Mostly all the brass is just copper and zink otherwise. But I think the brass color looks better when it´s mixed with silver.

The copper jewellery is just clean copper, nothing else.